Things You Used To Need Loans For

Whiten teeth

There have been many advancements with medicine and technology which has meant cheaper and more effective goods and services. Because things are getting cheaper and more for the mass market, loans are not as popular as they used to be. The exceptions however would be buying a house and a brand new car. Loans for these are still strong. So what are some things that we used to get loans for but no longer do?


It used to be so expensive to travel on planes and we didn’t have the disposable income to travel, so what many people did was to take out a loan to go on a holiday. I guess pressure from kids wouldn’t help here, as they always want to be going somewhere on holidays. But now we seem to have more disposable income which means that we can actually save money in a short amount of time before we go on holiday. This means that we no longer need to take out a loan for one.

Whitening Your Teeth

Back in the day, if you wanted to whiten your teeth, you would need to go and visit your dentist several times. However, you can do this now in the comfort of your own home with whitening strips. And they are far cheaper. So anyone and their dog can now have whiter teeth. Disclaimer, do not use whiting strips on a dog / animal and see your doctor first to make sure whitening strips are good for you.

Surgery To Remove Stretch Marks

Back in the day, there was only really one way to remove stretch marks. Surgery. Well besides some of those home remedies, but who knows if they really work. Having stretch marks can really affect your confidence but to remove stretch marks is difficult and expensive. Well it used to be with surgery. But these days there are so many options to remove stretch marks including many different types of creams and topical applications, pretty much anyone can now get rid of their remove stretch marks. Please check with your doctor first before using these kind of products.

Buying A Car

While you would still probably need a loan to purchase a new car, many people these days are buying used cars in order not to have to take out a loan. After the GFC back in 2008, it seems that people are now a little more cautious before taking out a loan on everything. Hopefully this will avoid another GFC.

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