Get That Sculpted Body At A Fraction Of The Cost

If you want a sculpted body, there are two common options: shell out a significant amount of money for surgeries, sculpting procedures, and products, or pay the price of a personal trainer who can get you sculpted with a lot of hard work at the gym. Yet these two options aren’t the only ones you can consider. It’s easier to achieve an incredible sculpted body with little effort, and little expense, as long as you know what your body needs. Sure, shortcuts are never the way to get healthy and fit – but with the following tips, you can work your way to sculpted without spending too much.

Change Your Weightlifting Habits

Lifting weights is a great way to see definition and results as you work to sculpt your body – but you don’t need a pricey trainer to get those results. You just need to lift at a different tempo. Although the act of lifting the weights themselves is the hard work, it’s the speed at which you actually move them up and down that makes a difference. Stick with a 2-4 count while lifting: count two full seconds while you move the weights upward (or out, or back), and count even more slowly to four full seconds as you return them to your starting position. This carefully controlled change will increase your strength gain.

Try Interval Training

You probably have a favorite gym machine, or piece of equipment – and you might also stick with just your favorites, neglecting other options. Change up your workout and include interval training, and you’ll see sculpted results. Instead of spending hours performing cardio exercises, increase your body’s ability to burn fat with several short bursts of cardio. You’ll push yourself to new heights and abilities when working out in short intervals rather than a single steady pace.

Utilize Supersets, and Rest Less

If you really want to see sculpted muscles popping up all over your body, try supersets for quick and effective results. Rather than working a variety of muscles groups and varying your exercises, supersets require you to focus on just one group of muscles for three or more exercises. For example, if it’s your abs you want to sculpt, perform five back-to-back abs-only exercises before moving on to the next muscle. By upping the intensity and concentrating your efforts, your muscles will burn even more.

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